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 Stained Glass Windows



The David Window
Here the youthful David is
pictured as a shepherd playing
his harp to soothe
king Saul. Jonathon,
son of the King and David's
close friend stands beside him.

This is a memorial
to Professor Henry Spencer,
by his wife,
and was designed
MacDonald of Boston (1895).

The Transfiguration Window (Picture Not Included)

The window above the arch in the south transept depicts Elijah with a scroll, representing the Prophets, and Moses bearing the Ten Commandments, representing the law, as seen by the disciples talking with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration. Below them Peter, James and John, the brother of James, kneel in wonder and awe.

Charles Maginn, a church member of Orange, NJ, designed this memorial window to the Rev. Dr. Frank Sewall, a leading spirit in the building of the National Church.


The Good Shepherd Window
        This is the
 best known
and most beloved of the Lord's self-characterizations.
 "I am the good shepherd; I know my own
     and my own know me .  . . and I lay down my life for the sheep"
(John 10:14-15).

    This window was originally part of the Swedenborgian Church in Brooklyn, NY.



The Creation Window
High in the west wall over the balcony the multiple green tints of the threefold window depict the Tree of Life growing up, from the bottom of the center light, right and left through the entire three lights. In the branches of the Tree are six angels who, with globes above their heads, personify the six days of creation. Within the globe above each angel's head is a detailed representation of the form of life that originated each day.

Below, filling the lower part of the composition, the angel with outstretched hands and flaming sword guard the way to the Garden of Eden out of which Adam and Eve have been driven.

The window follows the design of Frederick Stymetz Lamb, and was produced by J. and R. Lamb of New York. It successfully brings together the American School of Glass and the English Decorative Work. It has been called the best example of stained glass figure work in any Swedenborgian church in this country.

Installed in 1897, it was given by the Ladies Aid Association of this church as a memorial to Judge A. and Nancy B. Sudder.


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